Honouring Our Past

Little Black Bear's Roots

Little Black Bear was established in 1880. Prior to settling in the community, these Cree-Assiniboine people were nomadic: hunting and camping within the Cypress Hills area in Saskatchewan. Once settled in their current location, community members began farming to supplement their traditional way of life.

Little Black Bear
Little Black Bear (-1885). Chief: 1874-1885
Kees kee tew mus-coo muskwa (Little Black Bear) entered into Treaty 4 on September 15, 1874. His people settled on the reserve surveyed for them in the File Hills in 1880.

Wilfred Bellegarde
Wilfred M. Bellegarde (1921-1986). Chief: 1953-1957 and 1959-1974
Wilfred previously served in the armed forces, as FSIN Chief and as Community Development Officer.

Harry Bellegarde
Harry E. Bellegarde (1927-2003). Chief: 1957-1959
Harry previously worked as a contractor and in student transportation.

Alex Bellegarde
A. Alex Bellegarde (1941-1979). Chief: 1974-1979
Alex previously served as FSIN Vice-Chief and worked as education counsellor, contractor and in student transportation.

Allan Bellegarde
Allan W. Bellegarde (1947-1997). Chief: 1980-1984
Allan previously served as Band Manager.

Perry Bellegarde
Perry Bellegarde (born 1996). Chief: 2010-2012

Perry has served as Tribal Chief and FSIN Chief. He was the first Bachelor of Administration graduate from SIFC (now FNUniv) Administration. In October 2012, Perry resigned his position as Chief.


Clarence Bellegarde
A. Clarence Bellegarde (born 1958). Chief: 1984-2010 and 2013-Present

First elected as Chief in 1984. He was the youngest Chief in Canada and held that distinction for a number of years. In the early 90/s was responsible for obtaining a large parcel f commercial property in the town of Fort Qu'Appelle, SK. Which the current gas bar is situated on now and responsible to turning it into reserve status. He was also responsible for the land claim settlements for Little Black Bear in 1996 for 5.68 million. He held the governance portfolio directly responsible for development and implementation of numerous band laws in effect today.